Internship (Paid)

The Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC) is continuously looking for motivated interns with an interest in transitional justice and the conflict in Syria. Interns are responsible for communicating SJAC’s message to Syrians and the international community. Interns also have the opportunity to pursue their own research, as long as it contributes to SJAC’s mission to prevent impunity, promote redress for victims, and facilitate principled institution reform in Syria’s post-conflict period.

The Internship rotates approximately every four months. The schedule and application due dates are as follows:

Fall Internship: August 25 – December 23 (due by June 15)
Spring Internship: January 15 – May 15 (due by November 15)
Summer Internship: May 15 – August 25 (due by March 15)

Tasks of a SJAC intern include:

    • The production of communications materials, including blog posts, reports, factsheets, infographics, social media content, and talking points.
    • Contribution to and maintenance of the SJAC website, including updating and promoting the Transitional Justice Library, event listings, the blog, and other content as needed.
    • Regular updates to the data for SJAC’s monitoring and evaluation plan. This requires working closely with SJAC staff to gather necessary information and create visualizations of the data.
    • Other duties as assigned.

Strong English proficiency is required. Arabic proficiency is preferred, but not required. Knowledge of WordPress, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Excel, and Adobe Suites is strongly desired. Interns must be able to work from the SJAC office in Washington, DC and are paid at the rate of $12/hour. Internships are typically 20-30 hours per week.

To apply:

Please send an email to with your resume, a cover letter, and a writing sample not to exceed 800 words. The writing sample should be an example blog post that demonstrates your knowledge of transitional justice and the Syrian conflict, explaining the connection between a current event and a justice/accountability topic relevant for Syria. In the subject line of your email and in your cover letter, please be sure to include the term for which you are applying [Fall, Spring, Summer].



Operations Manager


STATUS:                    Exempt

REPORTS TO:          Executive Director

LOCATION:               Washington, DC



About the Position:

The Syria Justice & Accountability Centre (SJAC) is seeking a professional with USG grant and finance experience to act as Operations Manager, responsible for coordinating and overseeing SJAC’s financial, compliance, human resources, and operational processes. Founded in 2012, SJAC promotes justice and accountability in Syria by ensuring that human rights violations are comprehensively documented, and that documentation data is securely preserved, catalogued, and analyzed to advance transitional justice and peace-building. The Operations Manager enables SJAC to achieve its mission by managing its internal systems to run efficiently and effectively.


SJAC recently transitioned from being part of a larger parent organization in April 2017. The Operations Manager will oversee SJAC operations as an independent organization in compliance with organizational policies, donor regulations (such as 2 CFR 200), and local laws. The Manager will work across the SJAC team, with donors, and the SJAC Board of Directors. The Manager is not expected to be equally experienced in each aspect of the position’s responsibilities, and will receive training and support from SJAC’s parent organization and external consultants as necessary. Additionally, the Operations Manager will contribute to SJAC management decisions about resource allocation and how to position SJAC to be more operationally efficient.


General Duties and Responsibilities:


SJAC Finances (Approximately 50%)

The Operations Manager will be responsible for overseeing all of SJAC’s accounting and financial systems. They will manage a part-time accountant to fulfill SJAC’s accounts receivable, accounts payable, and recordkeeping needs. The Operations Manager will lead SJAC’s financial reporting and forecasting, and coordinate with an experienced CFO consultant as needed.


  • Oversee SJAC’s Quickbooks accounting, including the appropriate coding and backup of expenses;
  • Work with the accountant to conduct cash forecasting and drawdown of funds;
  • Monitor allocation of shared costs to ensure that allocations are in compliance with accounting policies, donor requirements, and align with SJAC’s long-term financial wellbeing;
  • Analyze SJAC spending on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis and work with the SJAC Executive Director to update and make decisions regarding SJAC’s operating budget;
  • With the accountant, produce financial reporting for SJAC grants and Board of Directors. Liaise with donors and the Board of Directors regarding financial questions as needed;
  • With input from program staff, prepare proposal budgets for submission and budget amendments for current agreements;
  • Support SJAC program staff in understanding their activity budgets and spending;
  • Lead and coordinate support for the audit process at the end of each fiscal year.


SJAC Grants and Compliance (Approximately 40%)

The Operations Manager will be responsible for ensuring that SJAC’s systems facilitate compliance with best business practices, donors rules and regulations, and local laws. The Operations Manager will monitor the organization’s compliance with internal policies and procedures.

  • Work with program staff in conducting procurements and preparing consulting agreements, purchase orders, contract modifications, and subgrants in compliance with SJAC’s policies, 2CFR200, and vetting standards;
  • Train and mentor program staff in compliance considerations, conducting procurement, drafting agreements, and monitoring work performed;
  • Review all new awards to SJAC and negotiate on SJAC’s behalf, including engaging an external compliance consultant as appropriate.

SJAC Human Resources (Approximately 10%)
The Operations Manager will oversee SJAC’s human resources functions and serve as staff’s primary point of contact for all human resources matters.

  • Facilitate and document recruitment, new hires, separations, and other changes in employment status;
  • Manage payroll processing with SJAC’s external payroll provider and oversee timekeeping system;
  • Oversee annual performance review process;
  • Respond to employee questions about HR concerns.



Skills and Qualifications:

  • A minimum of four years supporting operational aspects of an organization, with varied experience in finance, grants and contracts, compliance, and human resources. (Note: These four years do not need to be in a strictly operational role);
  • Working knowledge of USG regulations and compliance issues. Preferred experience with U.S. Department of State and European bilateral donors;
  • Demonstrated ability to manage budgets and experience in forecasting;
  • Expertise in MS Excel required. Experience with Quickbooks desirable;
  • Demonstrated organizational skills with a high attention to detail;
  • Excited to join a growing organization and apply a constant-eye to improving processes and procedures;
  • Committed to anticipating and overcoming obstacles in order to support the independence and sustainable future of SJAC;
  • Not intimidated by new experiences. Independently driven to research and seek outside expertise in order to accomplish job needs.


Please send an email with the subject “SJAC Operations Manager” to, providing a cover letter and resume as attachments. Cover letters should include your salary range requirements and availability. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.




Data Analyst (Consultant)




COMPENSATION: Based on location and commensurate with experience


Organization Profile:

The Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, DC with the mission of promoting transitional justice and accountability processes in Syria. To this end, SJAC implements activities in three main areas. First, SJAC collects documentation of violations by all sides of the conflict, regardless of affiliation, and from all geographic areas in Syria. SJAC retrieves documentation through its team of Documentation Coordinators in Syria and neighboring countries, Syrian and international partners, and public sources. Second, SJAC’s Data Analysis team processes and analyzes documentation in a Syria-specific database, using a methodology developed to reflect international legal principles. Third, SJAC drives discourse on transitional justice with the goal of amplifying Syrian perspectives, and bridging the gap between Syrians’ justice interests and international discussions on appropriate accountability measures.


About the Consultancy:

SJAC is seeking consultants to join its Data Analysis team to process and analyze documentation of violations by all sides of the conflict. The Data Analyst will use his or her expertise to watch, organize, and analyze documentation of human rights violations in Syria (such as videos, photographs, written documents, etc.). Documentation will be labeled and stored within a special database using SJAC’s methodology.

Data Analysts may work hours on their own schedule and work with SJAC to determine target numbers of hours each quarter. Data Analysts, however, should be available for pre-scheduled meetings on a weekly basis. SJAC prefers consultants who are available to work a minimum of 25-35 hours per month. SJAC anticipates awarding up to 10 consultancy agreements for Data Analysts.  Agreements will be made for a base period of one year with two option periods of one year each. Option years will be exercised based on satisfactory performance.


General Duties

  • Process pieces of documentation into the SJAC database;
  • Collaborate with team members to address issues and report on system bugs;
  • Review content (videos, pictures, reports, sound files, etc.) and extract information for use in analysis;
  • Accurately tag and label different pieces of information in the database according to SJAC’s guidelines, methodology, and standards;
  • Identify problematic areas and gaps in data and report to supervisors;
  • Perform data entry in Arabic and English;
  • Understand the context and background in which the content was created;
  • Be able to aggregate different pieces of information into groups and categories;
  • Work with other team members to address and resolve complex issues encountered during analysis;
  • Participate in regular team calls, and collaborate using online team-work tools;
  • Perform other tasks as needed.



  • Monthly timesheets.



  • High school diploma;
  • Proficiency in Arabic (spoken and written) and English (especially written);
  • Knowledge of Syria and the Syrian conflict is a plus (including Syrian Arabic dialects);
  • Willingness to watch and handle very graphic content;
  • Previous data entry experience preferred;
  • Basic proficiency with software and online user interfaces;
  • Strong work ethic and commitment to accuracy and detail;
  • Ability to handle confidential information;
  • Ability to function professionally and effectively with co-workers and supervisors.

Please send a Curriculum Vitae with cover letter by email to Please state which consultant position you are applying for in the subject line. In the cover letter please describe your interest in the position, relevant background, and your availability.  Applicants are encouraged to submit before April 24, 2017, but applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. This posting will remain on SJAC’s website until all consultancies are filled.



Digital and Physical Security Expert(Consultant)



The Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC) is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving meaningful justice and accountability for Syria which holds perpetrators accountable and addresses grievances, leading to lasting peace and respect for human rights. To contribute to this goal, SJAC activities are designed to produce a complete repository of comprehensive, high-quality, and usable documentation that is prepared to feed into justice mechanisms, but also used to drive justice discourse among Syrians and the international community. More information about SJAC can be found at


SJAC collects a large volume of documentation from the field (Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq) as well as from online sources. This data is stored and preserved with SJAC and periodically loaded into SJAC’s database for analysis. This workflow requires a combination of manual and digital inputs with risks to the SJAC team, data, and contacts. Given the sensitivity of the material and the level of associated risk, SJAC is seeking individual consultants or organizations with expertise on holistic security approaches to review SJAC’s current workflow and systems, assess security vulnerabilities, and provide feasible and actionable recommendations about how to better protect the safety and security of staff and consultants as well as data and IT assets. Please note that SJAC conducts penetration testing of its database and website on a biannual basis and is not looking for duplication of this effort. Instead, SJAC is seeking a broader overview of its interconnected systems, including – but not limited to – collaboration and communication systems, file storage systems, data collection methods, travel policies, and staff/consultant security training. Depending on the results of this project as well as qualifications of the consultant, SJAC may request follow-up assistance with implementation of the recommendations.


• Conduct an organizational assessment of SJAC’s current operations and identify gaps and vulnerabilities. The assessment should, at a minimum, address the following sample questions:

o Digital Security – What data vulnerabilities exist in how SJAC transfers and stores documentation? What simple, easy to implement tools can SJAC integrate within its documentation and analysis practices to increase the safety and security of data and staff engaging with online platforms?

o Physical Security – What operational risks, including physical security, do SJAC’s consultants in field experience? What planning and practices can SJAC implement to reduce operational risks? What strategies can SJAC utilize in the event of a crisis? What gaps exist in SJAC’s travel and communication policies that should be addressed?

• Provide specific recommendations tailored to the findings of the assessment that are logistically and financially feasible for SJAC to undertake.

• Advise on how to integrate new practices into SJAC’s current workflow, answer questions, and respond to feedback.

• Communicate regularly with SJAC point of contact to provide relevant updates.


• Demonstrated knowledge of cybersecurity and surveillance risks, secure collaboration tools, crisis response, and risk management and mitigation methods.

• Experience with providing similar support to other nonprofit organizations or businesses working with large quantities of data in high risk environments.

• Familiarity with the specific risks associated with the Syrian conflict or demonstrated ability to extrapolate from other conflict contexts, addressing these contexts strategically and appropriately.

• Ability to identify and prioritize mitigation tools according to different operational needs.

• Ability to communicate verbally and in writing.

• English fluency; proficiency in Arabic preferred but not required.


• Outline of assessment methodology and timeline

• Debrief meeting to discuss assessment findings and plans for final report

• A report summarizing assessment findings, an overview of relevant digital and physical security best practices, and specific, tailored, and implementable recommendations

• Final follow-up meeting to explain recommendations and answer staff questions



SJAC will equally consider applications from individual consultants and organizations, however all proposals from organizations must identify specific individual(s) who will perform the scope of work. Interested consultants/organizations are invited to submit an application that includes the following:

Applicant’s qualifications and proven experience, in the form of a CV and/or other supporting documentation. Supporting documentation can include examples of past deliverables or reports.

Proposal, outlining the methodology for conducting the SJAC assessment and potential practices that will be considered when developing recommendations for SJAC. The proposal should describe the applicant’s plan for the process of achieving the final deliverables.

Cost Estimate, specifying the total amount for the assessment with a detailed breakdown of estimate costs. The cost estimate should be all-inclusive and take into account any expenses incurred during the contract period.

Final applicants will be required to do an interview and to supply professional references. Selection criteria will be:

• Quality of relevant skills, experience, and demonstrated and verified past performance

• Quality of technical proposal

• Competitive value for services offered

The exact statement of work and price will be negotiated prior to contract signing. The contract may be in the form of a daily rate plus incurred costs, or fixed price per deliverable. It is anticipated that this scope may include between 20 and 35 consulting hours per month for two months, subject to negotiation. SJAC would like the work to be completed between July to October. The selected individual/organization may be eligible to receive additional follow-on work without further competition based on the quality of the assessment and ability to support the implementation of recommendations.

Questions regarding this opportunity should be submitted in writing no later than June 30 to the contact information listed below. Applications must be submitted electronically by July 12. SJAC reserves the right to accept late submissions if in the best interest of competition.

Submit questions and applications to: Shabnam Mojtahedi, Legal and Strategy Analyst –


Full Stack Web Developer (Consultant)


CONSULTANCY TITLE: Full Stack Web Developer

LOCATION: Washington, DC/Remote

REPORTS TO: Technology Officer


The Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC) in Washington, DC is soliciting applications to establish a Preferred Vendors list of part-time Full Stack Web Developer consultants. Developers will contribute to the work of our database development team that develops web-based applications and backend services. We use a technology stack based on Python, Django, Backbone.js, Solr, and Linux to complete projects.

Terms of Consultancy

SJAC will evaluate applications for Full Stack Web Developer consultant roles based on best overall value and establish a framework consulting agreement for a base period of one year with two option periods of one year each. Option years will be exercised based on satisfactory performance. To fulfill SJAC’s web development needs as they arise, SJAC will award discrete task orders with a specific scope of work, deliverable schedule, and ceiling. Task orders will be assigned to consultants on the preferred vendor list based on availability, required expertise, and best value. SJAC will distribute work among the preferred vendors to the extent possible. The length and level of effort necessary to complete individual task orders will vary, ranging from 4-35 hours/week for 2 weeks – 4 months.


Scope of Work

  • Use open source web development applications  to develop and maintain new & old user interfaces.
  • Debug, fix and enhance existing user interfaces issues using JS (Backbone.js, JQuery).
  • Develop web backends using a Python based web framework (Django).
  • Perform other technical tasks as directed.

Required Qualifications

  • 2 years web development experience, including Python (Django/Flask)
  • 2 years experience with modern JS (Backbone, Jquery etc)
  • Experience with Linux, MySQL, Celery, AWS, Rest and GitHub
  • Excellent team communication and collaboration skills and ability to handle confidential information.
  • Professional working proficiency in verbal and written English.
  • Ability to be consistent, adhere to deadlines and work in an organized manner.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology  or related field. Significant work experience in web development may be acceptable in lieu of formal degree.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience or familiarity with Solr or ElasticSearch.
  • Any experience with : Web-scraping, D3.js, and Ansible .
  • Working knowledge of Arabic preferred, but not required
  • Exposure to multi-lingual web applications preferred, but not required.
  • Exposure to human rights work preferred, but not required.

To Apply

Please submit a resume and cover letter by email to­ using the subject line “ Full Stack Web Developer – [your name]”. Included in your cover letter should be a proposed hourly rate for your services.