Internship (Paid)

The Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC) is continuously looking for motivated interns with an interest in transitional justice and the conflict in Syria. SJAC accepts application from current undergraduate, graduate and law students, as well as recent graduates. Interns are responsible for communicating SJAC’s message to Syrians and the international community as well as supporting SJAC’s analysis and research. They are encouraged to pursue their own research, as long as it contributes to SJAC’s mission to prevent impunity, promote redress for victims, and facilitate principled institutional reform in Syria’s post-conflict period.

The Internship rotates approximately every four months. The schedule for the Internship is as follows:

Fall Internship: August 25 – December 23
Spring Internship: January 15 – May 15
Summer Internship: May 15 – August 25

Tasks of a SJAC intern include:

    • Maintaining SJAC’s social media accounts and promoting new analysis and events
    • Designing relevant communications materials, including infographics and factsheets
    • Contribution to and maintenance of the SJAC website, including updating the Transitional Justice Library and ‘In the News’ page
    • Providing research support for SJAC articles and reports
    • Other duties as assigned.

Strong English proficiency is required. Arabic proficiency is preferred, but not required. Knowledge of WordPress, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Excel, and Adobe Suites is strongly desired. Interns must be able to work from the SJAC office in Washington, DC and are paid at the rate of $13.25/hour. Internships are typically 20-30 hours per week.

To apply:

Please send an email to with your resume, a cover letter, and a writing sample not to exceed 800 words. The writing sample should be an example blog post that demonstrates your knowledge of transitional justice and the Syrian conflict. Please see SJAC’s website for recent examples. In the subject line of your email and in your cover letter, please be sure to include the term for which you are applying [Fall, Spring, Summer].




Full Stack Web Developer (Consultant)

CONSULTANCY TITLE: Full Stack Web Developer
LOCATION: Washington, DC/Remote
REPORTS TO: Technology Officer


The Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC) in Washington, DC is soliciting applications to establish a Preferred Vendors list of part-time Full Stack Web Developer consultants. Developers will contribute to the work of our database development team that develops web-based applications and backend services. We use a technology stack based on Python, Django, Backbone.js, Solr, and Linux to complete projects.

Terms of Consultancy

SJAC will evaluate applications for Full Stack Web Developer consultant roles based on best overall value and establish a framework consulting agreement for a base period of one year with two option periods of one year each. Option years will be exercised based on satisfactory performance. To fulfill SJAC’s web development needs as they arise, SJAC will award discrete task orders with a specific scope of work, deliverable schedule, and ceiling. Task orders will be assigned to consultants on the preferred vendor list based on availability, required expertise, and best value. SJAC will distribute work among the preferred vendors to the extent possible. The length and level of effort necessary to complete individual task orders will vary, ranging from 4-35 hours/week for 2 weeks – 4 months.

Scope of Work

  • Use open source web development applications  to develop and maintain new & old user interfaces.
  • Debug, fix and enhance existing user interfaces issues using JS (Backbone.js, JQuery).
  • Develop web backends using a Python based web framework (Django).
  • Perform other technical tasks as directed.

Required Qualifications

  • 2 years web development experience, including Python (Django/Flask)
  • 2 years experience with modern JS (Backbone, Jquery etc)
  • Experience with Linux, MySQL, Celery, AWS, Rest and GitHub
  • Excellent team communication and collaboration skills and ability to handle confidential information.
  • Professional working proficiency in verbal and written English.
  • Ability to be consistent, adhere to deadlines and work in an organized manner.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology  or related field. Significant work experience in web development may be acceptable in lieu of formal degree.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience or familiarity with Solr or ElasticSearch.
  • Any experience with : Web-scraping, D3.js, and Ansible .
  • Working knowledge of Arabic preferred, but not required
  • Exposure to multi-lingual web applications preferred, but not required.
  • Exposure to human rights work preferred, but not required.

To Apply

Please submit a resume and cover letter by email to­ using the subject line “ Full Stack Web Developer – [your name]”. Included in your cover letter should be a proposed hourly rate for your services.




Data Analyst Consultant (Remote)

REPORTS TO: Senior Data Analyst
LOCATION: Global (Remote)
HOURS: 30 hours/week

About the Consultancy:

SJAC is seeking consultants to join its Data Analysis team to process and analyze documentation of violations by all sides of the conflict. The Data Analyst will use his or her expertise to watch, organize, and analyze documentation of human rights violations in Syria (such as videos, photographs, written documents, etc.). Documentation will be labeled and stored within a special database using SJAC’s methodology.

Data Analysts may work hours on their own schedule and work with SJAC to determine target numbers of hours each quarter. Data Analysts, however, should be available for pre-scheduled meetings on a weekly basis. SJAC anticipates awarding up to 9 consultancy agreements for Data Analysts. Agreements will be made for a base period of one year with two option periods of one year each. Option years will be exercised based on satisfactory performance.

General Duties

  • Process pieces of documentation into the SJAC database;
  • Collaborate with team members to address issues and report on system bugs;
  • Review content (videos, pictures, reports, sound files, etc.) and extract information for use in analysis;
  • Accurately tag and label different pieces of information in the database according to SJAC’s guidelines, methodology, and standards;
  • Identify problematic areas and gaps in data and report to supervisors;
  • Perform data entry in Arabic and English;
  • Understand the context and background in which the content was created;
  • Be able to aggregate different pieces of information into groups and categories;
  • Work with other team members to address and resolve complex issues encountered during analysis;
  • Participate in regular team calls, and collaborate using online teamwork tools;
  • Perform other tasks as needed.


  • Monthly timesheets.


  • High school diploma;
  • Proficiency in Arabic (spoken and written) and English (especially written) are musts;
  • Knowledge of Syria and the Syrian conflict is a plus (including Syrian Arabic dialects);
  • Willingness to watch and handle very graphic content;
  • Previous data entry experience preferred;
  • Basic proficiency with software and online user interfaces;
  • Strong work ethic and commitment to accuracy and detail;
  • Ability to handle confidential information;
  • Ability to function professionally and effectively with co-workers and supervisors.

To apply to this position, please fill and submit this form. Attached to your form submission should be a Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter. In the cover letter please describe your interest in the position, relevant background, and your availability. Applicants are encouraged to submit before April 30, 2018, but applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. This posting will remain on SJAC’s website until all consultancies are filled.




Human Rights Tech Fellow

DATE POSTED: 16 October 2018
GRADE: Temporary, Part-Time Staff (4-6 months)
REPORTS TO: Technology Director
LOCATION: Washington, DC

About the Position: SJAC is seeking a recent graduate (0-5 years) to work with its Technology Director, assisting efforts from Washington, DC to address analytical challenges through data science, machine learning, and/or integrated approaches. The fellow will use their expertise to propose, implement, and test solutions to an identified challenge. This fellowship is an exciting learning opportunity for both the fellow and SJAC and an avenue to apply technical expertise for social good.

Examples of Technical Challenges to be Addressed: As one of the most documented conflicts in history, Syria has required human rights organizations to look beyond traditional documentation techniques and integrate new technologies into their collection and preservation of information. Since 2012, SJAC has collected a large volume of videos, photos, interviews, documents, and other material that can contribute to justice and accountability for the victims of atrocities in Syria. With terabytes of varied information, SJAC’s Data Analysis Team has faced the challenge of efficiently tagging, labeling, and clustering the data. To this end, SJAC has identified the following challenges that the Tech Fellow could help address to improve upon SJAC’s database and the rate of manual analysis.

  1. Video analysis: After scraping hundreds of thousands of videos posted to YouTube and other social media sites, SJAC seeks to automate aspects of video analysis, including through the integration of existing object and face detection, screenshotting, and reverse image software.
  2. Data Clustering: Searching for related information in the database requires considerable time from a Data Analyst. Using analyzed data and scraped metadata, SJAC seeks to automate the linking of documentation and optimize the related data search features to improve efficiency.
  3. Visualizations: SJAC’s database includes basic reporting features (using D3.JS), but these could be improved upon and expanded in a number of ways to allow for compelling visualizations of data and networks of information that have been processed by the Data Analysis team.
  4. Verification: With SJAC’s large volume of data, comprehensive verification of information has proven difficult. While the complexity of verification requires analysts to view and assess information manually, some aspects of verification could be automated to save valuable time (e.g., automatically populating fields with data on the weather on a particular day based on the date, time, and location inputted for incident).

Your application should include a cover letter that explains which challenge(s) you would seek to tackle and the background and skills you have that would enable you to do so with the assistance and supervision of SJAC’s Technology Director.


  • Understand SJAC’s operations, workflow, and basics of the technology stack
  • Study the different types of data and media SJAC has in its possession and refine the initial proposal pitch regarding the type of challenge that will be addressed.
  • Analyze and advise upon the feasibility of different tech solutions (including cost effectiveness) and decide upon the best option(s) in conjunction with the Technology Director and the Data Analysis team.
  • Develop and code a detailed proof of concept based on SJAC’s preferred coding languages.
  • Work with the Technology Director and Data Analysis team to test and improve upon the proof of concept; based on the test results, integrate the end product(s) into SJAC’s stack and workflow.
  • Participate in discussions with the broader SJAC team about the use of tech for human rights and work with the Technology Director to develop a roadmap for future tech efforts.


  • Technical: Hands-on technical experience with Data Science/Machine Learning tools and libraries is required. Preferred coding languages include Python, Jupyter Notebook, and R or D3.JS for visualizations. Other coding languages may be accepted, but would result in a more complex integration process. Experience with loading/parsing data files and related scripting would be desirable. SJAC’s tech stack is primarily built on Python, MySQL, AWS and Linux Cloud servers.
  • Data Science: Given a problem definition, hands-on knowledge of applying and deciding on effective Data Science and/or Machine Learning frameworks and approaches is essential. The Tech Fellow should have the ability to not only code but to implement the solution to a particular challenge.
  • Education: Recent graduate (0-5 years) of a bachelors or masters degree in computer science, data science, mathematics, statistics, interdisciplinary, or related field. Regardless of degree, some  data science and machine learning coursework is preferred.
  • Other: Ability to effectively communicate complex technical issues to non-technical audiences; background or strong interest in human rights; ability to collaborate as part of a team; ability to research independently; desire to learn and share knowledge in the tech for social good space.

To Apply: Please submit a resume, cover letter, and links or attachments of sample work to Your cover letter should include which technical challenge(s) you would seek to address (from those described above) during the fellowship period and propose solutions for how you would be able to address the challenge using your expertise and interests. Your cover letter should also include your hourly rate, availability, and interest in applying your skills to human rights causes.