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SJAC Resumes Arabic Language Trial Reports

SJAC Resumes Arabic Language Trial Reports

Starting in May 2020, SJAC began publishing trial reports for the case against Anwar Raslan and Eyad Al-Gharib. SJAC’s trial reports were one of the only records of this trial, with English and Arabic summaries available since day one. Unfortunately, since January 2021, SJAC has only been able to offer abridged Arabic summaries of the trial’s proceedings due to budgetary constraints.

We are excited to announce that through new funding opportunities, we will once again be able to offer full Arabic translations of the trial to ensure that we can reach our Arabic-speaking readership, particularly Syrians with an interest in transitional justice. The work now begins to translate our backlog of reports, starting with the most historically and judicially significant. Over the coming weeks SJAC will release Arabic language reports of past reports on a rolling basis. We will continue to publish full English and Arabic reports of the closing days of the trial including the closing statements, ensuring that a record of the Anwar Raslan trial is accessible to everyone.


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