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Inside the Raslan Trial: “I know this man…but he is not Abu Ghadab”

SJAC’s 23rd trial monitoring report details days 53 and 54 of the trial of Anwar Raslan and Eyad Al Gharib. On day 53, a former detainee in Al-Khatib and the state security branch testified about how many in his village were indiscriminately detained and faced torture. Sharing a cell with a child who had a bullet lodged in his leg, P25 details the cruel treatment of Abu Ghadab, a guard known for torture. He positively identifies Raslan, but says that Raslan was not Abu Ghadab, and admitted to researching Raslan. On day 54, Mr. Knappmann, a BKA police officer answered questions about satellite imagery used in P14’s testimony.