Inside the Raslan Trial: No Enforced Disappearances

SJAC’s 43rd trial monitoring report details days 86 & 87 of the trial of Anwar Raslan. On the first day, the Court heard from a BKA inspector about an email he received from the family of a missing doctor previously held at Al-Khatib. Later that day, P44 described how he was detained at a gas station and saw Raslan when he was transported to Al-Khatib. The Prosecution argued the legal requirements to add charges of enforced disappearances, as requested by plaintiffs, were not met because there was no intention to remove these people from the protection of law, only to gain information about deserters. On the second day, P45 explained how he and many others from his village were arrested by government forces, taken to Al-Khatib Branch, and released after village dignitaries intervened on their behalf.