The Astana Process Has Failed Idlib

Over the past two weeks, Russia and the Syrian government have significantly escalated airstrikes on the de-escalation zone in Northwestern Syria, pounding the last rebel-held territories in southern Idlib and Northern Hama. The humanitarian costs of these attacks have already been devastating. The Syrian government, once again, is fighting with an utter disregard for civilian […]

Al Araby: Rehabilitating Syria’s Assad, the greatest criminal of our time

“Many Syrians, including victims of Assad and human rights defenders, have voiced their concerns about these developments According to Mohammad al-Abdallah, CEO of the Washington-based Syria Justice and Accountability Center. For him, re-legitimising the Assad regime sends a clear message that he can do whatever he wants to Syrians.  Abdallah adds that “at the very least, there […]

Enab Baladi – Companies Greedy for Reconstruction

“According to Mohammed al-Abdallah, executive director of Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC), the construction process on lands or properties that were forcibly acquired without paying compensation to the original owner is an issue which can result in pressing charges within the courts of  the violating company’ s country of origin.” Read more: Enab Baladi

DW News – In Syria, death notices for the missing bring unwelcome closure

DW interviews Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC) Executive Director Mohammad Al Abdallah on the Syrian government’s recent disclosure of detainees who died in government custody. Al Abdallah explains how one reason for the decision may be to simplify reconstruction efforts, as the tens of thousands of missing people in Syria can complicate families’ attempts […]

Enab Baladi – Possible US withdrawal hands Syria over to Moscow

Enab Baladi interviews Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC) Executive Director Mohammad Al Abdallah on the possibility of a US military withdrawal from Syria. Al Abdallah explains that the Trump administration is increasingly backing away from the commitment to support UN Resolution 2254, instead accepting the Russian-Syrian narrative that the conflict is coming to an […]