Newsweek: Caesar’s first visit to Washington, D.C., this past July was to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, an austere building on the National Mall which opened in 1993 as a living memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, as well as a place to discuss moral questions raised by genocide. With a hoodie pulled tight […]

IRIN News – Briefing: Holding ISIS to account

IRIN: The international outcry to the openly advertised atrocities committed in Iraq by the jihadist group calling itself Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS or ISIL) has led to calls for investigations and punishment, with US President Barak Obama saying “justice will be done” after the killing of journalist James Foley. This has provoked a direct reaction in […]

World Politics Review – With More Evidence of Assad War Crimes, Is Transitional Justice Possible in Syria?

World Politics Review: Last week, a former Syrian military photographer, his identity hidden under a blue hoodie, appeared before the House Foreign Affairs Committee with thousands of photographs allegedly showing widespread torture and killing in Bashar al-Assad’s jails. Known as “Caesar,” the photographer defected last year with a trove of what he says is evidence of […]

NPR – Key Areas Retaken, Assad Reasserts Himself Over War-Torn Syria

NPR: Despite the civil war, Syria is holding a presidential election on Tuesday. President Bashar Assad is expected to win another seven-year term. Listen to the full story here. STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: It’s MORNING EDITION from NPR News. I’m Steve Inskeep. DAVID GREENE, HOST: And I’m David Greene. In Syria, there is a presidential election today. […]

Le Courrier – Entre le tyran et le djihad, la résistance

Le Courrier: «Où que je pose mon regard parmi les détails de violence, de sang et de mort en Syrie, je tombe sur de folles histoires d’amour, aussi courageuses qu’une rose qui croît avec entêtement, malgré les mauvaises herbes et les épines qui tentent de l’étouffer», écrivait la militante syrienne des droits humains Marcell Shehwaro […]

Anadolu Agency – New Syria torture photos another chapter in abuse

Anadolu Agency: New photos released by Anadolu Agency that depict systematic torture of Syrian opposition members mark another sad chapter in Syria’s extensive history of brutality, said experts, who saw little chance for change. Anadolu Agency released the photos on Thursday as Russia and China both vetoed a resolution that would have referred the Syrian crisis […]

The Nation – Will There Ever Be Justice for Syria’s Rape Survivors?

The Nation: The door kept opening. In would come young men, sometimes hobbling a bit. They’d speak to the man behind the desk in Arabic and step back out. I was sitting in a sweaty, brightly painted room in southern Turkey. The man behind the desk was a hospital administrator who was shifting uncomfortably in […]

IPI Global Observatory – New Survey Finds Syrians Want Peace, But Still Far Apart on Terms

IPI Global Observatory: “Perhaps our most important and surprising finding is the breadth of support among Syrians themselves for a negotiated settlement,” said Craig Charney, president of Charney Research, speaking to the Global Observatory about the results of a new survey of Syrians conducted for the Syria Justice and Accountability Center. Mr. Charney, who said the survey used Syrian […]

SYRIA: direct – Syrian lawyer: activists ‘no longer really believe in documentation’

SYRIA: direct: Earlier this month, the United Nations revealed that it would no longer update its death toll for the nearly three-year-old conflict, citing its inability to adequately verify information sources. The UN’s announcement underscored the difficulty of documenting human casualties and war crimes in the country’s increasingly brutal civil war, particularly as regime and […]