Human Rights Analyst

Employment type: Consultancy

Location: Remote

Compensation: Starting from $15/hour

About the Consultancy:

SJAC is seeking consultants to join its Human Rights Violations Analysis team to process and analyze documentation of violations by all sides of the conflict. The Human Rights Analyst will use his or her expertise to watch, organize, catalogue and analyze documentation of human rights violations in Syria (such as videos, photographs, written documents, etc.). Documentation will be labeled and stored within a special database using SJAC’s methodology.

The Human Rights Analyst is expected to work no less than 120 hours a month, and may work hours on their own schedule and work with SJAC to determine target number of hours each quarter. Human Rights Analysts, however, should be available for pre- scheduled meetings on a weekly basis. Agreements will be made for a base period of one year with two option periods of one year each. Option years will be exercised based on satisfactory performance.

General Duties

  • Process pieces of documentation into the SJAC data management system: Bayanat
  • Collaborate with team members to address issues and report on system bugs;
  • Review content (videos, pictures, reports, sound files, etc.) and extract information for use in analysis;
  • Accurately tag and label different pieces of information according to SJAC’s guidelines, methodology, and standards;
  • Identify problematic areas and gaps in data and report to supervisors;
  • Perform data entry in Arabic and English;
  • Be able to aggregate different pieces of information into groups and categories;
  • Work with other team members to address and resolve complex issues encountered during analysis;
  • Participate in regular team calls, and collaborate using online teamwork tools;


  • Proficiency in Arabic (spoken and written) and English (especially written) are musts;
  • Knowledge of Syria and the Syrian conflict (including Syrian Arabic dialects);
  • Willingness to watch and handle very graphic content;
  • Knowledge of gender-based violence and the ability to produce gender-sensitive analysis of the Syrian context is preferred;
  • Previous data entry experience preferred;
  • Basic proficiency with software and online user interfaces;
  • Strong work ethic and commitment to accuracy and detail;
  • Ability to handle confidential information;
  • Ability to function professionally and effectively with co-workers and supervisors.

To apply to this position, please fill and submit this form. Attached to your form submission should be a Curriculum Vitae and a Cover Letter. In the cover letter please describe your interest in the position, relevant background, and your availability.

Applicants are encouraged to submit before September 15, 2023, but applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Women are encouraged to apply.

SJAC is a diverse organization made up of 40+ team members around the globe. We pride ourselves in our ability to implement programming that is inclusive and responsive to the needs of all Syrians, and believe that our own team’s diversity of viewpoints and experiences helps us to achieve that goal. We encourage all interested applicants to apply, regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or age.